Business is no longer usual in these pandemic times. Even though there have been downtrends in infections in vaccinated people, future is uncertain and with variants and other potential pandemics. COVID-19 may have been beaten back, but it is most likely a disease businesses will have to deal with for some time. That’s why it makes sense for agile businesses to choose more flexible office plans as they adapt to changing conditions. Unfortunately, ceiling air conditioning is not as flexible, which is why more businesses are switching to underfloor air conditioning.

What is Underfloor Air Conditioning?

Underfloor air conditioning is just as the name sounds: it is air conditioning that is circulated and comes from the raised flooring in buildings, rather than the ceiling. Unlike traditional ceiling air conditioning, underfloor air conditioning uses the space beneath the flooring to distribute the cool air. Underfloor air distribution (UFAD) is designed to cool areas up to 984 square feet (300 square meters) in their zone. Air balancing is accomplished through customized interior zones for the layout of the space.

Furthermore, underfloor air conditioning have smart recessed or above floor fan terminals that sense the temperature and adjust their airflow accordingly. Employees can adjust their fan speeds and temperature according to their needs. An intelligent controller handles the system and controls all fans, airflow, and zones.

Why Underfloor Air Conditioning is Better in a Flexible Office

Underfloor air conditioning is better suited that the traditional air conditioning when it comes to flexible office space. Once we’re asked to retrofit a business, changing the office layout is simple afterward. Because underfloor air conditioning is zonal, it is simple to reposition the fan terminals to suit the new layout, thus making certain that there are no hot or cold spots in the new layout.

When it comes to flexibility, ceiling air conditioning isn’t very flexible. Workers have to deal with hot and cold areas due to a different office layout than what the building was originally designed for. A third of employees surveyed by Future Workforce said that they lose at least an hour in productivity daily when the workplace environment doesn’t support their health. And a majority–67%–claim that they are more productive when their employer ensures that their environment is healthy. Because employees can control the amount of air coming from the fans, they’re more comfortable. And when the employer chooses to reconfigure the desk layout for safer distancing, employees can be assured that they can still remain comfortable at whichever desk they’re at.

Let’s Talk Cost

Most people are unaware that underfloor air conditioning costs about the same as ceiling air conditioning, and the cost to install is actually a lot less. What’s more, the cost savings of running underfloor air conditioning is impressive. Underfloor air conditioning can save a company up to 30% in cost and reduces carbon emissions by up to 29% over conventional air conditioning. Just that alone convinces most businesses to retrofit their buildings with underfloor air conditioning.

The savings can add up over time, saving an employer thousands of dollars, which can quickly pay for the retrofit over time. And there may be tax credits if a business chooses an underfloor air conditioner approved by the Federal Government.

Underfloor Air Conditioning in Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties

You and your employees’ comfort is crucial to your business’s productivity. If you’re still using an antiquated ceiling air conditioner, it’s time for a change to a healthier environment. Contact us for either a new installation in your new office space, or retrofit your current business. Either way, we at AQM Inc., HVAC, electric, and plumbing, have more than 25 years of experience in both residential and commercial air conditioning installation and servicing.

After we install your underfloor air conditioning, we are more than happy to ensure it is running the way it needs to be, so you can rest assured it is working at peak performance. As companies and businesses move toward more sustainable and cost-efficient workplaces, it’s important to have air conditioning that is flexible enough to change with your needs. Contact us at AQM Inc., HVAC, electric, and plumbing today for a free quote.

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