There are a number outdoor and indoor environmental conditions that can affect an individual’s health. One condition in particular that is quite common and is likely to cause a variety of health-related effects is that of air that is considered too dry. The health effects of this type of air can be extensive and long lasting to occupants of a home – as well as the home itself. For example, dry air can cause a range of dry and itchy skin conditions, scratchy throat, colds and flu, as well as cases of varying degrees of dehydration. In addition, air that is dry can trigger conditions such as bronchitis and asthma. For individuals who already have these serious breathing related conditions, this type of air often exasperates or makes those conditions even worse. Other common side effects of dry air include nosebleeds and sinus problems, as well as contributing to certain types of allergies.

In addition to potential health issues, air that has a very low relative humidity and is excessively dry can cause a series of problems for one’s home and belongings as well. For example, when heated air is not properly humidified it can typically cause walls and ceilings to crack, and wood floors and wood trim to become separated and delaminated. Prized musical instruments can easily go out of tune, while valued electronic equipment can be exposed to the damaging effects of static electricity. Even expensive furniture can be in danger of damage caused by excessively dry air.

Indoor Dry Air Can Be Easily Remediated by Increasing the Relative Humidity of the Air

Homeowners and business owners can rest assured that there are effective solutions to the dry indoor air that is all too common. In the most basic of terms, reducing indoor air that is dry simply means increasing the relative humidity of this indoor air. This process can be accomplished by something as simple as placing a pan of water on top of a heater. While this method does work, it’s obviously not very practical as a long-term solution to the problem. A more effective solution would be to add a whole-house humidifier to your home’s heating system. By doing so, you will be alleviating the harmful effects that dry air can have on your family’s health as well as your home and furnishings. A whole-house humidifier will effectively increase the relative humidity of the indoor air, and allow you to maintain the predetermined level of humidity that is appropriate for your home. One of the keys to eliminating indoor dry air is to use a high quality dependable whole-house humidifier that will perform as advertised.

Unsurpassed Reliability, Easy Maintenance and Full Automatic Control

One product line of whole-house humidifiers that stands out among the crowd is the full line of Aprilaire automatic humidifiers. This extraordinarily well-designed line of whole-house automatic humidifiers offers unsurpassed reliability, easy maintenance and full automatic control. In addition, each Aprilaire automatic humidifier features a full five-year warranty. This extensive line of high quality products includes evaporative humidifiers as well as steam humidifiers. No other indoor climate control product in the industry can compare to Aprilaire. For continuous automatic control, maximum convenience with minimum maintenance and unsurpassed reliability, these automatic humidifiers deliver each and every time. In addition, Aprilaire indoor climate control products feature state-of-the-art automatic digital controls.

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