Check out the top trends in residential additions and renovations as we move towards 2022. These are the best ways to increase the value of your home and make it an oasis where you are glad to spend more time. 

1. Natural Light Where You Least Expect It 

This year windows and skylights are in high demand as homeowners are spending more of their daytime in their living space. Natural sun is key to making a comfortable live-work environment and maintaining a positive attitude. But you can’t install additional windows in every space of the house.  

Light tubes, or sun tunnels, are an awesome solution because they can be installed in multi-story homes or interior spaces where windows are not an option. Solar tubes capture daylight at the roof and direct it into central spaces. A linear, or even curved, light tube is made of 10 or 14-inch diameter sheet metal with a polished interior. This serves to bring warm, indirect sunlight that brightens up dark rooms like interior bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, and basements where additional windows are typically not an option. Plus, they cost less than skylights! 

2. Renovating to Make Your Home Smarter 

Along with more windows and skylights, many homeowners are opting for blinds and automation as part of their renovation projects to increase their comfort and daylight experience. Smart home automation makes this possible. In a smart home, you can monitor and control a wide range of appliances and electronic devices. 

For example, smart home technology allows homeowners to monitor and change security cameras, smart locks, lighting, thermostats, smart appliances, window blinds, and stereos; and it’s continually evolving. Special apps can control a wide range of devices and appliances in the home. You can now have a helping hand around the house without lifting a finger thanks to voice-activated smart home automation devices. 

With a programmable thermostat, you can control the temperature of the house from anywhere and it helps homeowners reduce their utility bills. The heating and air-conditioning system can set to ‘low’ when nobody is home to save on energy consumption. Then it can be programmed, or use AI to predict your return time, to adjust the temperature shortly before you return home in the evening.  

3. Making Spaces More Flexible and Multifunctional 

As people are spending more time in their homes over the past two years, working and studying at home maybe for the first time ever, flexibility has become more important. Homeowners are getting imaginative about the possibilities for using every space as well as possible. So, for the first time in home renovation history, families are now rethinking the ‘open-space’ concept and looking for smart solutions to divide spaces.  

Another quick way to make spaces more multi-functional is to add built-in storage space. This provides an easy way to hide the mess your office supplies, kids’ toys, or computer workstation when it’s time to transform the dining room, living room, or den back into its intended purpose.  

4. The Even Greater Outdoors  

Pools are nice, of course, but not everyone has the space to install one or the time to maintain a pool. The next best thing is outdoor living space that really makes your backyard as an extension of your home. Home renovations in 2022 will continue to favor creating a comfortable outdoor living space that is an extension of the interiors. And this trend isn’t just happening in California and other warm places, it’s happening all over.  

Your home renovations could really double the space by turning the porch or backyard into a cozy livable area. With a deck addition, you can have all the benefits of an outdoor living space without taking away from your existing garden area. A deck addition gives you plenty of room for entertaining and relaxing with no plumbing or electrical work required. If you already have a deck, make sure it’s well maintained. Power washing is the easiest way to make it look new again. Then, with a fresh coat of stain, will make your deck a more inviting open-air living area. 

The kitchen is always important, except now it’s more about making room for cooking outdoors as well. Alfresco dining areas and outdoor kitchens with built-in barbeque grills and wood-burning ovens, remain a hot trend. Outdoor kitchen islands with sinks and dishwashers allow you to prepare meals in the company of family and friends and while enjoying the warm weather and fresh air. 

Outdoors can now feature places to cook, dine and entertain outside,  Using features like oversized sliding or folding glass doors to create a natural flow between the indoors and the outdoors allows you to let the outside in and vice versa. Drop-down screens on the porch to keep mosquitos at bay, and soft couches with removable cushions will keep you comfortable far into the fall and winter, especially when topped off with a fire pit or a luxurious garden fireplace. 

5. Bathroom Sanctuary 

The bathroom is, by far, the most popular room to renovate in 2022. In a world where even the most modern of homes are lacking some sort of personal retreat, this makes sense. The bathroom is your opportunity for an oasis within your own home. With heated floors, aromatherapy devices, and rainfall showerheads, bathrooms are becoming more like spas than places to go to the toilet.  

Adding built-in bookshelves or entertainment systems help you relax after a long day of work. Touchless faucets have also been in high demand as homeowners look for germ-free and water-saving solutions. And you can add a soaking tub or steam shower for an extra luxurious spa experience.  


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