Now that the summer heat has let up, and before the snow starts to fall, is the perfect time to take care of those home improvement projects. In Pennsylvania, autumn is one of the best times for working on your house. It’s also an important part of preparing for the winter.

Make sure your house is ready for the winter by ticking off these 10 projects during the fall season.

10 Fall Home Maintenance Projects

Is your house ready for autumn and winter? Now is the best time to prepare.

Illustrated checklist of fall home maintenance projects

Check out the Fall Home Maintenance Checklist by AQM.

1. Inspect the Roof

To prevent water damage, make sure that there are no missing shingles or damage to the roofing materials. Pressure washing services are a good option if your roof has a lot of leaves, debris, or mold.

2. Clean out the Gutters

Prepare for the rainy season ahead and winter snow by removing the leaves and debris from the gutters. Clearing clogged gutters prevents water damage to the house as well as ice dams on the roof.

3. Seal Windows & Doors

Check and replace the weather stripping and caulking around windows and doors to keep cold drafts out.

4. Change the HVAC Filter

Before it’s time to turn the heat on, make sure to replace the HVAC filter.

5. Schedule a Furnace Check

Autumn is a great time to make an appointment for annual HVAC maintenance and ensure it’s in top condition before the cold weather hits.

6. Test the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Make sure these safety devices work and replace batteries as needed.

7. Clear out the Dryer Vent & Lint Trap

Clogged dryer vents are a major cause for residential fires each year. Avoid this problem by regularly vacuuming the lint and dust particles from inside the dryer, the trap, and vent.

8. Prevent Freezing Pipes

This is the right season to winterize the irrigation system, shut off exterior faucets, store hoses, and insulate pipes.

9. Have the Chimney Cleaned

This is a job that’s better left to the pros, but it’s crucial to have the chimney cleaned every few years to prevent dangerous fire hazards.

10. Prep Your Home Humidifier

Whole-home humidifiers improve indoor air quality and protect your family from the dryness caused by running the heating system. It’s important to clean the humidifier before turning it on.

More Fall Home Maintenance Advice

Watch this short video for more ways that you should prep your house for winter now, during the autumn season.

Fall Is Time to Call AQM

Don’t wait until the first cold snap of the winter to figure out that your furnace isn’t running well. By scheduling a tune-up now, you can beat the rush for HVAC servicing and ensure that your heating system will operate efficiently when you need it. Call AQM to schedule a fall service check now.

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