A power outage can prove to be more than just an inconvenience when it leaves your home without essential services due to an extreme winter storm. Disabled access to power can make riding out any winter storm not only uncomfortable, but also potentially dangerous. A standby generator will keep your home safe and warm during such an occurrence.

A winter power outage can be caused by a variety of extreme weather, directly or indirectly, and occurs much more frequently than you may realize. In the 2008-2009 winter season, over 7.6 million customers of electrical power companies the US and Canada suffered blackouts due to winter storms. These costly power outages can be caused by tree limbs burdened by ice falling onto power lines, or excessive amounts of snow or ice accumulating on the power lines themselves. High wind speeds can also take down power lines, thereby disabling access to the power grid.

The primary reason to purchase a standby generator is to protect the health and safety of your family. Young children, the elderly and the inform are the most vulnerable when a winter storm related power outage leaves a home without heat and exposed to extreme temperatures… but extended exposure may be dangerous to anyone. Emergency standby generators also have the added benefit that they automatically turn on when power is lost – thus avoiding the need to enter a dangerous storm to switch power over to the backup system.

A power outage can also have significant financial implications that make purchasing a standby generator a wise investment. Maintaining heat and essential services make it possible to remain comfortably in the home rather than paying for hotels or meals at restaurants. Loss of power can also halt water flow to a home, putting pipes at danger of bursting- even a home’s interior pipes can burst when the space becomes too cold due to the absence of heat for an extended period. Additionally, a power outage lasting more than a few hours can ruin all of the food in a refrigerator or freezer, causing hundreds of dollars in additional food expenses.

Generac offers a variety of transfer switch and standby generator solutions to ensure all your power needs are met during a winter storm while preventing a customer from overpaying for unneeded excess service. Options include essential circuits to keep only essential services active, managed whole-house service, and complete whole-house service that will keep your home functioning as though there were no power outage at all.

A dedicated standby generator may seem like a significant investment, but enduring even a single day without power reveals how useful and necessary a backup power source can be. Everything in a home from vital medical equipment to televisions and computers to keep the kids entertained (or keep your home office running) will be kept operational for the duration of blackout, no matter how long. A Generac standby generator can prevent significant inconvenience and unexpected expenses caused by future power outages, and in doing so, can also help preserve your peace of mind.

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